​​​100 Men Who Care Ottawa

Who We Are


"Charity, Community, Camaraderie." 

We're men who want to give back to our community but are strapped for time. We ask our members to give $100 to charity four times per year.  ($100 is a guideline. Some members must give less, and some are moved to give more. Exact amounts are known only to the charities.)

To join, send us an email using the form on our home page or contact page, then attend a sociable, one-hour meeting once every 3 months, at which three charities speak for 5 minutes each. All are welcome! 

You give $100 directly to the charity of your choice and the charity sends a tax receipt directly to you. There are no overhead costs!

Current members of our steering committee:
Scott Robertson, Craig Bater, Spencer Byrnes, Gustavo De la Fuente, Patrick Langston, Doug Cody, Ron Smith, Stephen McDermott, 

J. Phillip Nicholson, Bill Gosewitz, Aaron Milliken